Advanced biomanufacturing of Glycerylglucoside (GG) from Spirulina

The biomanufacturing technology of the high-value Glycerylglucoside (GG) from Spirulina was developed by setting up a novel SCGP (Smart Cyano Glycerylglucoside Polygeneration) technology. Compared with the traditional production processes such as enzymatic catalysis and chemical synthesis, the SCGP technology realized green production of natural 2-α-GG based on the innovations on special cultivation, efficient harvesting, and nondestructive extraction process of the natural Spirulina cells and the establishment of the entire process chain, and the products have been put into market. The finally obtained high-purity GG products (>99%) met the application requirements for quality, efficacy and safety from the cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industries, and the Spirulina biomass with well-maintained yield and property was simultaneously harvested as by-product still reaching national standards. The SCGP technology could be expected to bring in significant improvement for the economic potentials of current Spirulina industry.